Friday, 27 March 2015

Discoveries with Annie go like this….. Part 2.

I invite you to move move from sitting to standing... 
I invite you to walk… 
My hands quietly listening and bringing your awareness to you.
I ask you to walk to the table and pick up a mug… 
Or to (e.g.) play your flute or guitar….
My hands quietly with you all the time, giving you a new feedback of your movements,
But always inviting your awareness - never pushing or demanding;
This is about you, not me.
Any mastery I offer is that you find your own mastery is right there, 
Waiting for you on the inside.

You experience the walking, the everyday action, the playing of your flute with a new ease,
Often smiling at the simplicity you didn't realise was possible.

We sit and talk, finding words for your discoveries;
This isn't me telling you, 
This is me introducing you to the you you are currently being,
And by this you discover how you 'do' the person you think you ought to be,
Your tensions and compressions born of doing you rather than being you.

Now you have taken back choice about how you will be you.

Your body is quieter, open, and sensitivity present, 
Your mind is clearer, 
Your whole self alive to being you.

I work with words and touch, and you and me.

There's lots of mind work out there, how you do your thinking. 
But what about how you do your 'physicality'? 
They can't be separated; they are one.
Yes, How do you do you? In totality? For you do, in every moment.
That realisation is what I offer you in my work.

Psycho-physical-emotional clarity, 
                               Your embodied mindfulness, 
                                                               Your bodyfulness, 
                                                                                    A you who has 'Come to (all) your senses'.

Not everyone wants this; 
Just a few are looking for present presence to this depth, 
Moment-by-moment information and free choice - 
The answer to tension or discomfort found lying right here in the now -
The freedom to be fully you, 
To stand (sit, sing, dance, play) in your own space and know you are there.

This is what you and I learn in your lessons - 
Where you learn from yourself how to be yourself -
Within the invitation of my touch and enquiry,
Both of us teacher and both of us student.

It'a a commitment to you, by you;
                                                     You are your own life's work.
                                                                                                     Best be awake to this amazing fact.

Lessons - where you make discoveries, not get-done-to,
Where you invest in finding your self again, because 
You're waiting, just there in the wings.

And the discomfort you came with?

Likely improving.
It was tied up with you being someone you thought you ought to be,
Or with the collapse of futility from thinking you weren't doing you well enough,
Or with the wise-yet-resistant tension from being asked to be other than who you are.
Being pushed about creates discomfort, whether the pushing is from without or within.

Funny thing is, yes, your posture might have improved - but I never mention it, 
because it was never ever about that in the first place; 
It was about you finding out how to let yourself be you.