Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I see You

You’re in such pain,
Back spasm,
Crunched up.
Gingerly walking,
Not getting about.

I come to you,
You speak - I listen.
We share.
We take time.

I ask you to take a breath and close your eyes.
To invite your higher, or soul self to work with you
In this safe space.
And in our unconditional companionship
I see you drop within.

I ask, How does it feel to be you?
You let your body show your soul.
Words not needed in this place.

How does it feels to be you in pain?
In the silences between,
I watch shadows flicker across your face,
Memories ripple around your body.
There, then gone.
Here, then not.
Pain's sudden surging to a burning intensity...
And as soon, 

After a while,
A single spoken word, offered,
Which I see your mind question,
Yet which I see your body devour,
Opening to it in the relief of remembering.

Your eyes open - bright and clear.

Your back curves around your heart -
My hand alights there -
So. Softly. Slow.
I do nothing - 
Sensing your back's wariness,
I wait.
Feel it begin to trust,
To listen,
To the silence of my hand.

You want nothing?
Says your back.
No, I don’t.
How are you? asks my hand.
A moment’s frozen wonder
At being acknowledged,
And it begins to soften.
Your back is you, 
And you are your back,

Slowly, amongst the nothingness - 
The stillness of no demand -
You begin to trust,
To open,
To let go.
Hands light on your body.

Suddenly, there it is,
A question.
I’ll ask,  
Gently -
Did anyone ever thank you for all you did?
And like a rope being untied,
There’s a rumble-tumble of bricks
Flowing down off your shoulders 
Onto the floor,
Watered by gentle tears,
Witnessed by love.