Tuesday, 23 June 2015

At the Summer Solstice...

At the Summer Solstice,
We honour the four directions
The four seasons
The year
Our life.

East - Air - Newness.

Seeds stored in dark places
During winter
Are now borne into the air 
To fly to new beginnings,
and sinking into the dark earth,
Break open with their purpose...
New ideas - dreams - wishes - intentions.

South - Fire - sun - light - warmth.

In the warming encouraging soil,
The seeds begin to germinate.
The sun and long days
Nourishing Spring's dreams into reality.
Leave the seeds sown;  
Poke around not in the soil
To see if tiny roots have sprouted.
Tread not on their potential carelessly,
Nor walk away in doubt.
Keep the soil clear of these weeds - 
The weeds of mistrust and fear.

West - Water - Nourishment - Care.

Be one with the weather,
One with the soil.
Water when dry,
Drain when wet.
Protect in the storms.
Rejoice in light rain.
And still 
Just watch.
No prodding and poking to see if...  
No checking the roots and 
Pinching the tender shoots.
And no lazy ignoring,
No arrogant assuming.
And protect from trespassers, too.
"Tread softly,
For you tread on my dreams."
Let dreams and plans grow
In trust of their process;
But care for them, too.
Yet, not too much;
Drowning will kill,
As will watching in such fear,
That, immobilised, watering is forgotten.

North - Earth - Harvest.

Then the plant comes to fruition,
The dream becomes manifest.
And the harvest begins,
Leaving seeds for the future.
Take care of these;
Drop them not in the excitement,
For they are your future,
The turn of the wheel -
Life itself.
Rejoice today,
Give thanks for yesterday,
But look to the future
And save seed with respect,
For the east wind to scatter
And the next dream to have life.

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